Preparation Procedures

Keep your property and your family safe during the storm using the preparation tips and resources below.

Be prepared

  • Before severe weather strikes, prepare your home with insulation and weather stripping. Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Review your insurance coverage and take pictures of your building and/or office - inside and out.
  • Prepare your car, fill your gas tank, check your tires, and stock your car with an emergency kit in case of stranding.

Before a severe weather event

  • Ensure your employees' contact information is up-to-date and that you have a plan in place to communicate afterwards.
  • Define what you need to secure your building, important equipment and who will help; outline specific tasks and conduct a training session.
  • Consider developing a system to authorize re-entry to company facilities.
  • Prepare for potential power outages, update your phone number and email address, and consider installing a generator.
  • Construct a list of vendors that provide disaster recovery services.
  • Back up files and data, and store records in a safe area.
  • Update outgoing voice messages, informing employees and customers of the status of company operations.
  • Close your offices in time to allow employees to secure their homes, obtain supplies and evacuate if necessary.

For businesses

  • Pay attention to the news, media and instructions from public officials.
  • Gather necessary supplies: food, extra clothing, generator, First Aid Kit, etc.
  • If possible, fully charge cell phones, laptops, and any other electronics.
  • Park vehicles in safe, protected areas.
  • Secure doors, windows and other openings.